Wokeness, or Weakness?

10 min readDec 15, 2023


So, there is a certain criticism of political correctness and left-identitarianism that goes along the lines of how classical virtues exist in a vacuum, how it breeds a society of weak people, and how that weakness causes degeneracy. This is of course inaccurate, albeit intuitive.

Rather, you have to ask yourself this: Why would a bunch of powerful rich people, who have raped and pillaged their way through thousands of years of feudalism suddenly make a big U-turn and have nothing but benevolence for the underclass and the appointed slave races of the world?

Why would all these corporations with their pride flags and their human resource departments and their university trustees give a singular shit about the very people they used to pile into mass graves barely a century ago?

How come there’s no woke people at Guantanamo bay? (Not counting the guards produced by targeted recruitment ads.)

When was the last time a liberal progressive got assassinated by state security forces? Last I checked, they’re usually the people who replace people such as Darren Seals, or Fred Hampton, or the hundreds of homeless trans people who were brutally beaten at Stonewall just so that a bunch of vapid lesbian talk show hosts could make millions as punditry for sweatshop owning rich people.

My point is: Does pronouns pay the bills? Are stand up comedians responsible for the housing crisis? Can twitter hashtags really put a dent in sex tourism and human trafficking? How many deplorables sat on the board at Enron?

These are rhetorical questions mind you, the answer is obviously no, no, no and none. Progressive liberalism is a scam that’s intended to weaken the proletariat by punishing working many for the crimes of the wealthy few.

That’s why you don’t refer to a criminal as a thug. After all, that’s racially coded. When you’re sending someone off to a godless rape colony where they will spend the better part of their lives making army helmets for 5 cents per hour then it’s vitally important to use respectful terminology, since otherwise we might be unfair to these people.

And let’s not forget the genius intuition of constantly emphasising race whenever someone says the word thug so that you subconsciously think “black person” instead of someone who’s a violent criminal. That’s gonna do wonders for jury selection.

Growing up on vintage cartoons and old movies I generally imagined a grizzled looking European man with a flat cap and a baseball bat when I thought of the word thug. In fact, I’m pretty sure most people from my generation did. A thug was Fat Tony or one of the people who were always chasing after Tintin. It wasn’t until woke people began to manufacture the stereotype in question that it became so heavily racialised.

In fact, crime and punishment in general seems outdated now. But do you know what I like about punishments? Closure. That’s why criminals are such big fans of it. You fuck up, the boss chops off your finger, and then the slate is clean. You got 9 more empty slots on that particular subway card, and that’s that, you know? It’s a forgiving system at its core.

But now it’s all about rehabilitation. And not that degenerate nonsense the Soviet Union did where you had housing and employment guarantees and prisons gave you vocational training and a living wage. No, instead what you get is a probation officer whose job it is to make sure that you spend the rest of your life being overworked, underpaid, stressed out and miserable, as you become an indentured servant for the world’s leading corporations.

Because rehabilitation has no defined limits or closure. It’s all made up as they go along. And if you got mental problems? Well don’t worry, you’ll be assigned a case worker. Which is a bit like a doctor, except without all that stupid medical training and ethical oversight. But don’t worry: They still have the same kind of authority and influence over your personal life, and instead of giving you medication and help, they will look for any excuse to call the cops on you and possibly steal your children.

And I think the reason why progressive liberalism is basically just low effort fascism exclusively aimed at poor people is because of how the very same rich people are in charge of it.

And to understand the purpose of woke ideology then I wish to tell you a parable about a chicken.

See, the farmer doesn’t like how chickens have talons and beaks. How they put up a fight. So what does the farmer do? Does he get protective gloves? Maybe a helmet with a visor? Does he buy a gun? Of course not. Instead, he hypnotises the chicken. He exposes the chicken’s vulnerabilities, and render it docile and complacent. He makes the chicken’s ability to resist completely bankrupt of consequence.

And then he carefully lays the chicken down on a solid surface, and with the quick swing of a meat cleaver, he performs a profound magic trick that causes the chicken’s entire conception and experience of the universe to poof… disappear.

And where is that chicken today, you ask? Let’s just say that I’m still picking my teeth as of writing this.

And just like how we enjoy breakfast, so do rich people enjoy the complacency and sheepishness of the proletariat.

And just like any self-harming individual I do occasionally enjoy the brutal ideological aroma of undiluted capitalist realism, which is why I don’t mind treating myself to the items on the menu of the aptly named Burger King.

But I ask, who are the burger peasants? I cannot help but notice that these underpaid serfs frequently possess these humanities degrees that filled their heads with the hypnotic thoughts of corporations; This progressive liberalism.

And it has gotten to a point of extremely unhealthy self-effacement, as more and more of these franchises begin to offer vegan options. Declaring that Burger King is far too brutal and immiserating for animals. The only people who should be bled dry under the lash of their rapacious ambitions is that most unworthy of species, namely, the working class.

Which is why we can see how these supposed noble goals of veganism are not in fact part of some great effort to save the environment and make us all live in some hippie utopia, no. Rather, it is a cold and calculative psychological effort done by the liberal intelligentsia as to dehumanise the proletariat to a new station, reduced to the status of not merely being lesser than human, but even lesser than life itself.

That is precisely why progressive liberalism have us sift through our garbage like vermin, separating paper from plastics. Do you think that’s going to offset what the military-industrial complex is doing to the ozone layer? When yankee marines are burning pipelines in Iraq? Or the godless naval vessels that roam the seas during NATO’s dick measuring contests with China?

It won’t. It just makes you into a garbage sifting peasant. The environment will be fixed by things such as civil engineering and public transportation.

That’s why the environment is a subject of science. Performing purifying morality rituals on garbage is something that morons do. What we need is to take a moment and investigate what those people in the lab coats are getting up to. And are they sewing used diapers into winter coats and making soap out of their own earwax? No. Leave that stuff to the skeletons who used to roam the Germanic woodlands as barbarians.

Seems like scientists are more focused on big picture stuff, like how to manage industry, or manufacturing, or crop rotations, or alternative fuels. Very few of them seem to think that the answer lies in malodourous death cults inspired by Scandinavian infants who hold speeches at the UN.

Reusing your rotten teabags and wearing unwashed clothes is not going to help the environment. It’s just going to help rich people ruin your mental health and sense of personal dignity.

If someone is making you perform a series of self-destructive and arbitrary tasks that appear to have no productive outcomes then chances are they’re not your friend. Chances are that they’re an abusive authority figure who is trying to stomp you into the dirt.

And this is not to deny the many realities of life. For instance, I have a friend of mine who is frequently homeless. He is also black, and native to Africa. Do I think these are mere coincidences? Of course not. I do not deny the reality of racism. Nor do I deny the reality of capitalism, colonialism and imperialism. He wants to go home to his native homeland, but he can’t because he’s afraid there might be a civil war on the horizon, and he’s already lived through one of those.

And the weapons placed into the hands of these African paramilitary groups are made and sold by Europeans. This is also a fact.

But I ask you this: How is white people demeaning themselves going to put a roof over his head? How is memorising some patronising press kit from an employer going to give him warm meals? Or unite him with his family? Or give him a sense of security?

How is a bunch of idiotic hippie pedagogy going to help homeless people off the streets? Or grant them equal civil status? Or aid them in their efforts to naturalise and belong in a new community?

Because the only real and tangible outcome I’ve seen when white people take the time and effort to “acknowledge their privilege” is that it makes black people slightly uncomfortable. And thanks to things such as polka music and patriotic bunting we already know how to make black people slightly uncomfortable, so we don’t need to put more effort into that particular avenue of invention.

Imagine doing that in a court of law. “I acknowledge the wealth that I have gained and the harm that I have caused when I robbed some old lady at gunpoint.”

Then what? When’s the old lady getting her money back? How the fuck did that solve anything?

In fact, I don’t acknowledge my white privilege, because that’s pointless. I’d rather acknowledge black dispossession, black misery, black unfairness. I’d rather look for real ways to solve real problems than to perform some ideological cop-out.

And the reason why the liberal intelligentsia is so obsessed with the abstractions of race is because that means we’re all equally culpable, which also means no one is.

White privilege can be summed up as some of the core benefits of having a European standard of living. If you’re born on European soil, then you’re guilty. Guilty of what, exactly? Being born? Living? Don’t think about that. Just remember: You’re the bad guy.

But what about the inverse of this? To acknowledge slavery, colonial plunder, dispossession, genocide, imperialism, and so on? Well. Suddenly a lot of the culpability shifts. Suddenly we can measure the gains of these crimes. How many working class families have priceless cultural artefacts in their home? How many working class families have their own estate or fortune 500 company? How many Europeans have statues of their grandfathers in former Rhodesia?

Having a good standard of living because of the crimes of history is a very passive act. You haven’t actually done anything wrong. At most, you can be faulted for not making some effort to set things right. But if your family was treated like second class citizens by the nobility, and the descendants of slaves had a family treated like third class citizens, then suddenly we begin to ask radical questions, such as who is at the top of this pyramid?

Should we squabble over whether being a feudal peasant or a colonial slave was worse? Was it better to die at Spion Kop than it was at Zululand? Did the British cannons ring louder in Dublin or Islamabad? Should we fight over this useless symbolic piece of status that is acknowledgement of privilege?

Or should we agree that the origins of our problems, the failures of capitalism, class, private ownership and corporations, do in fact stem from the same status quo that had its prominence in past and present alike?

According to liberals, Europeans were privileged to have their lungs melted by mustard gas at the Somme, as the watery bile from millions of corpses soaked the entire French border with mud. We were privileged to tortuously die for Von Bismarck’s personal treasury.

We were privileged to be sent to Auschwitz and the Long Kesh. And apparently, by some stretch of the imagination, we need to thank Adolf Hitler and Queen Elizabeth for their clemency and benevolence in some effort to reconcile racism of all things? Take a moment to examine the depths of such perversion.

In the world of ideology, we only see our differences, but in the world of dialectical materialism we begin to see how those differences are very small compared to our shared similarities, our societal needs, and our role in history.

Because in the end, black and white is just skin deep. It’s a boring superstition made up by evil inbred savages who used it to consolidate power to their noble houses during the death throes of absolute monarchy. And sadly, it worked.

But what destroyed that absolute monarchy wasn’t when King Louis XVI “acknowledged his royal privilege.” Rather, it was when we, the people, acknowledged our peasant misery and then chopped the guy’s head off.

I enjoy that kind of lateral thinking.

If you tell me that you rule in accordance with divine right by kings. If you tell me that your magic golden hat entitles you to treat me like a doormat because of how you possess magic holy blood, then I say let science put it to the test. Let’s spill that noble blood all over the town square and see if God bothers to put it back inside your headless body.

And I purport we test the same theory when it comes to anyone who claims to be part of the Aryan master race, and likewise to any rich CEO who claims their labour has greater value than that of others. Let us test your superiority, and I can think of no greater testament to the equality of man than that of the cold and pitiless sweep of the reaper’s scythe.

Come one, come all, if you think you’re better than the rest of us, then by all means, the graveyard is open day and night. Show us your esteemed immortality or, alternatively, quit being a megalomaniacal jackass.

If your bones are picked clean by maggots, if you’re bursting to the seams with methane and bile, if your eyes are but morsels to the crows, and if your nails protrude from your shrunken hands, then I fear even the most inattentive of physicians would diagnose you with a terminal case of run of the mill humanity. Don’t pretend as if your corpse won’t stink.

And until we figure out this principle of scientific inquiry, then no amount of liberal platitudes or woke mental gymnastics is going to resolve life’s big questions regarding justice and human worth.