What should actually frighten you about communism

Depicted: Soviet artwork of factory workers inside their factory, marching towards a better future. In the foreground is a young person of ambiguous gender raising their hand in victory.

So when I am saying communism, I mean Marxist communism. The stateless, classless and moneyless society that is the highest stage of communism. A lot of people don’t realise what this is. This was Karl Marx’s prediction for resolving class conflict, and that’s it. It would, in vulgar terms, “fix the economy.”

Everything else remains the same. And yet, so many communists project their own utopian ideals unto this final stage, equating it with some sort of afterlife or paradise in which all their wishes may come true. And these are the people who will not make it in communism.

Because in such a system, you are completely free to do whatever you set your mind to. You will not fear hunger, or poverty, or want, you won’t get fired, or have to worry about taxes or bills. You will be completely unrestrained. And you will be the first generation of humans in such a circumstance.

The mistake of many communists is to project themselves outwardly, in how the society will be shaped by you, and they will be absolutely ambushed by how such a society is not exceptional, rather, it will shape you.

When you are meant to look inwardly, you are encouraged to look outwardly, to be drawn in by the beckoning voice of the wish granter, not knowing what happens to people who make wishes.

The next time you have a job interview, and they ask you what your greatest weakness is, then tell them your greatest wish. This is your greatest weakness.

In Japanese metaphysics, they have the theory of three hearts. The first heart is the one you show to people you love, the second is the one you show to the world, and the third one is the one you only keep to yourself.

Under communism, all three will be exposed to the world. This is the truly terrifying reality, it is not the end of human determination, but rather the beginning. It is upon this day that we will truly find out what humanity is. If you do something wrong, no one will stop you. You will fall forever. If you step into the fog, you will be lost forever.

And very few people seem prepared for this. They seem to think they are perfect, and it’s the world that’s broken. But I ask, who broke it? Too often are people trying to change the world without changing themselves, and these will be the first people to die under the final stage of communism. They will be the tyrants and the reactionaries, and they won’t even realise it.

Communism is a country without wishes, rather, it is a country of possibilities. Only those who will know what is possible will survive.



International man of mystery.

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