What is the noosphere, and how do we harness its power?

5 min readAug 1, 2021
Picture: Basic diagram showing the 3 different sphere of arbitrary diagram author’s sphere selection: Geosphere, biosphere and noosphere.

Two people come to mind for me in my understanding of the noosphere, in fact, it is thanks to the mighty noosphere that anything comes to my mind at all. Right now, this invisible force, is transmitting the meaning of these letters into your mind. The noosphere governs all.

So, what is it? I listened to a lecture by Daniel Dennett, once again from the University of Edinburgh. It is about the evolutionary process and scope of religion, and by extension: Ideas.

Ideas, much like life, have evolutionary properties. A lot of sciences would not exist if this was not the case. Especially that of psychology. Jung’s idea of the collective unconscious demands the presence of a noosphere.

The noosphere is made out of the same things that words are made out of. A kind of idiosyncratic essence. The noosphere, as it turns out, is the real Platonic universe of essence, the host of the many self-replicating cups of the world. So what is a cup made out of? Wood? Pewter? Tin? Perhaps a modern sort of material? Who knows? There’s no census on the matter.

The cup is made out of cupness, the quality of which is determined by its function. The function of which is determined by its intent. The intent of which is determined by its own determination.

All of this, this cycle of self-replicating essence, takes place in the plane of the noosphere, a powerful realm that few endeavor to explore.

Now more than ever, we must call upon its mighty forces, and understand how it works. Noospheric power permits us to control minds, and better yet: It permits us to control our own minds. The sphere in question is the source of great oppression as well as great freedom, it is a natural force like none other, like the atom, and we may harness it in either direction.

The noosphere works on repetition, on rehearsal. Each time we repeat an idea, each time we examine it, revise it, discuss it, present it somehow, it becomes more prevalent, more powerful, it moves through the speech and mind of others, with further revision, soon enough it becomes, through its own model of natural selection, the most memorable thing.

That is why Stalin for instance in the west killed millions of people, and how Stalin in the east saved millions of people. But few remember Stalin for his compulsive note taking habits, that goes by the wayside.

As Stalin travels through the noosphere, he becomes only his two most memorable forms, forms which, in this case, are in competition with one another. Thankfully the good Stalin is winning, as most of the world, not counting English speakers, see him as the liberator in the face of fascism.

Another man, which first brought the Noosphere to my attention, was none other than Rupert Sheldrake, a noted biochemist and oddball. Rupert Sheldrake sees the noosphere as a thing of providence. He experiments on homing pidgeons, and has also studied homing pidgeons a great deal.

These animals are capable of tapping into noospheric forces in a way which we cannot understand. Experiments have blinded them, removed their sense of smell, disoriented them, done all manner of terrible things to impede their capacity to home, and yet they always home.

There’s something in them that always makes them home. My own theory is perhaps muscle memory, that they do not navigate by senses, but rather by motion and memory, that they have some sort of capacity to recall themselves in reverse through extraordinary spatial reasoning.

That even if you were to dislocate them somehow, they also remember this process and incorporate it into their recollection through sense of motion and balance and equilibrioception and similar things.

Humans have this sense too, especially riflemen. A good rifleman can basically shoulder his gun effortlessly, and fire at a distant moving target and hit it within seconds. The velocity of the bullet, the arc, the range, the compensation, it all becomes part of a sense, a kind of habit. You ask the rifleman how he does it, and the best he can come up with is “Practice.”

He has no idea how he does it, the process is beyond him. The noosphere force here, this conceptual rehearsal of mathematical principles of velocity and distance, has been perfected to the point of where it no longer has to consciously register. The rifleman has effectively indoctrinated himself into becoming a perfect shot.

Or her, happy 2021.

Point is, this word “Practice” is to replicate the process of the perfect shot. A single word, which, when bestowed upon the asker, permits the asker to undertake the process of becoming a perfect shot. As the noosphere transports all this content, velocity, distance, range, spatial reason, muscle memory, all of it, compiled into a years long process of careful discipline, all derived intuitively from a single word in the correct context: Practice.

In order to defeat capitalism, we must fight on all fronts, and the noosphere is a vital tool in doing so. This is the highest and most difficult front. Capitalists, in their habitual laziness and celebration of ignorance, are generally incapable of understanding or even perceiving of the noosphere, as it is rarely mentioned in their timeshare brochures or “science” “illustrated.”

In fact, the market forces which produces their privately owned informational products has a conflict of interest when it comes to higher ideas like noosphere analysis, as this would very much reveal the magician’s secrets. Good luck pushing Pepsodent adverts on a noosphere philosopher, we have better things to do than to concern ourselves with the matters of toothpaste.

If the toothpaste cleans the tooth, then it is sufficient, to bark halitosis at me will not prompt me to pay extra for those tiny little blue dots in the toothpaste. This would be the habit of an epistemological child.

Consider the implications of noosphere theory carefully, examine the nature of ideas, how they replicate, how they resonate, how to say the most you possibly can in a single word by exploiting the listener’s frame of reference, and you will learn how to move entire nations.