Trump: A retrospective

Pictured: Photograph of a burning limosine from the inaguration protests, reading “We the people.”

So we all know about President Donald Trump, the whole world was bombarded with news about him, and looking back at it I think there are some lessons to be learned about why he was unpopular.

Simply put, what got him into trouble was his dedication to giving people equal treatment. What really brought him down was how he had the goon squads march outside of Martin Luther Boulevard.

When the riot police beat and gun down people in say, Baltimore or Ferguson, people are generally okay with it. Liberals say “Who cares? Let Gil-Scott Heron write another poem about it. Life goes on.” But when Trump started treating white people the same way as police have treated black people for decades, enough was enough. That’s when he became a fascist.

The fact that the police suddenly targeted private school educated journalists, homeowners and people in highly developed commercial districts meant that the barriers of old had been broken down. Suddenly anyone could be targeted by police.

Another mistake he made was how he was too honest. Nobody likes an honest politician. It’s one thing to deport, persecute, displace and dispossess thousands of refugees and migrants, but its another to say you’re going to do it.

What makes Joe Biden’s concentration camp policy so appealing to the public is how he literally never mentions it. It’s like going to the lavatory, a simple “Excuse me for a moment.” will do just fine. Nobody wants to hear about the details.

On top of that he was acting like an out of touch rich person who regards the general public as little more than straw chewing yokels. People don’t like that. They want out of touch rich people who regards the general public as little more than straw chewing yokels to put on a folksy accent and pretend they’re the sort of person who has to worry about financing their car.

Rich people who behave as if they actually know the contents of their own bank accounts is very off-putting to people. They want a relatable and friendly oligarch who is reassuringly dishonest about their role in society.

And most importantly: Words speak louder than actions. That’s why people got so upset when Trump said “Grab them by the pussy.” It was a very offensive thing to say. Biden on the other hand is far more tactful, and will quietly molest young girls on live television and say nothing about it, as to permit people to pretend it never happened.

Trump teaches us a valuable lesson, which is that the last thing people want is to vote for a politician. They want to vote for a person who pretends not to be a politician. That offers them plausible deniability. It’s hard to maintain your psychological coping mechanisms when someone is openly behaving like a president.

The fact that Trump, through the simple action of saying what he was doing and then doing that exact thing, managed to mobilise millions of people unto the streets with the objective of defending their democracy from tyranny shows just what a flawed thing honesty is.

Without a professional politician like Biden who is constantly gaslighting people about what he does, then ordinary citizens will find themselves taking to the streets and holding their government accountable, and that’s just very disruptive for people who have to go to work in the morning.



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