The planes of reality, and the nature of objective truth

So while I am contemplating the noospheric forces, why not shed some light on the many fun models of physics out there?

I have discussed this previously both on social media and with comrade Paul Morrin.

So, to begin, let’s outline these planes:





And, to a lesser extent, a kind of paraphysical or intraphysical plane which binds these together. That one is implicit however, a sort of offshoot of metaphysics.

So first off physics:

Physics is the study of nature, all of these planes are of course relative to our own perception and experience. Physics is a good way to find objective truth, as it is uniformly reproductive.

Then you have metaphysics, which is the study of the implication of study. What falls often into the metaphor, such as for instance the laws of nature. You don’t fall of a building and go to nature court, and get sentenced to nature death, it just sort of happens. The laws are metaphorical. Gravity is physics, time is physics, thermodynamics is physics, observing these, and finding an implication of natural laws then become metaphysics.

The laws are both objective in the sense that they are observable, but also subjective in the sense that we could’ve just as easily have called them the boundaries of nature, or the definitions of nature. The perspective which implores us to express this phenomenon as a set of laws is the metaphysical in action.

According to Stanford’s encyclopedia of philosophy, this was apparently hard to define. I managed to hammer it home in two paragraphs, that’s what you get for giving an egghead the job of a prole.

Remember: If us workers actually were stupid, then we would be welcomed into places like Stanford for the same reason as to why nerds keep housecats. The cat is a notoriously stupid animal, guaranteed to boost the confidence of even the most pathetic of intellectuals.

Picture: Michel Foucault with a cat, further damning evidence of his perilous nature.

Contrast this with Lenin and working class people who keep cats. A proud tradition of guarding the innocent. We are the stewards of the world, wardens to mer of every ken. A fundamental contrast to the rueful circumstance of permitting domesticated animals in the presence of French “sexual liberationists.”

Picture: Lenin, a superior cat owner to that of Foucalt.

Then you have pataphysics, which is the physics of poetry. Earlier I made a point of about natural laws, and then expanded on this with the notion of natural courts. The laws are metaphysical, the implicit universe they live within is therefore pataphysical. The strange laws of laws, if you will.

Pataphysics permits us to examine ideas in new ways, but often does so by looking at the implicit nature of ideas. Zizek’s famous coffee without milk joke is a pataphysical joke. “I’m sorry but we do not have coffee without milk, we do have coffee without cream, however.”

The coffee is defined by the laws of its laws. The coffee restaurant in question did not employ milk in its stockpiles, but rather it fashioned itself to facilitate the distribution of cream, this convention of cream rather than milk, therefore ultimately guides the causal synthesis of coffee.

So in this sense, from an engineering point of view, pataphysics is the conditional statements of metaphysics, which serves as the command library of physics.

Next on our agenda is Hypophysics, which first came to my attention from an Indian philosopher by the name of Shaj Mohan. I disagree with a lot of his conclusions, in fact he would likely be very offended by my analysis of the class characteristics of cat keeping traditions, but such is the tourney of philosophy: We must all break our bones.

Hypophysics is very contemporary, and like with all professors looking to score a book deal, is therefore “hard to define.”

It’s not, it’s easy to define if you have no profit motives in which scarcity of knowledge is a market. Hypo comes from the Greek “Below” or “Under.” Metaphysics is often seen, in a metaphysical sense, as the overarching thing of physics. Hypophysics is therefore metaphysics in its inverse. It is not the contrarian position to metaphysics, so much as it is the antipodal position.

As with all snakeoil, this has branched off into yet another discipline of “post-” something. In which smart people figure out a way to feel special, like little children fashioning a pirate hat out of cheap felt. It is the cheap felt bicorne of philosophy.

Plus they always end up looking like brown Robin Hood hats since children refuse to do their historical research properly. My father would scold me if he felt my work indicated nuisance craftsmanship, and thank god for that.

If it wasn’t for him, I’d probably be bad at things I do. In the end, the greatest affection is expressed with commands. If you love something, set it on the right course. No parent ever said “If you love something, set it free.” That’s how your child becomes a candlelight vigil, casting a sheen upon the fluttering police cordons by the train tracks.

For instance, going back to the laws of physics, what is then hypophysics here? Well, it would be the crimes of physics. In this case, falling off a building would make you a physical criminal, assuming it was not in your immediate endeavor to explore the intricacies of the famous hopscotch of the abyss.

Pictured: A game of hopscotch wherein the location of the final grid is occupied by the edge of a building; A feared antagonist for you especially I’m sure.

So, now you understand the basic outlines of the many planes of reality, good luck.



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