Moral Ontology; Why bother?

Pictured: Assembly of NATO wherein US and their satellite states are all sitting around a round table, discussing their efforts to take over the world.

So it is not of any particular news to me that I am a radical. I have very strange and unusual views for someone who writes to the English speaking world. Granted, in most corners of the world my views are mundane. Perhaps not always in the majority, but certainly not of any meaningful distinction. Just another opinion among many.

And I expect people to disagree with me, that’s obviously fine. Often I have been wrong about things, and that’s how you learn. In fact I would get very anxious if I couldn’t look back at what I believed one year ago without finding any fault in my convictions, because that would mean I haven’t learned anything since.

But sometimes I get strange responses, people who come up with conspiracy theories. Apparently I am some sort of foreign enemy, who is being paid by rogue nations to spread propaganda. It’s paranoid and xenophobic nonsense of course. The only kernel of truth is probably in my selection of newspapers. I read New York Times, I read Washington Post, I read Forbes, I read Sputnik, I read Russia Today, I read Xinhua News, I read the Greyzone, I read all manner of things from every corner of the world.

I think this is what gets on the nerves of hegemonic cultures, that I don’t exclusively read their newspapers and repeat them back to them in new and comforting ways. The fact that I read news from all over the world somehow means I am betraying this hegemony.

And suddenly, big conspiracies happen about how I am supposedly being a paid enemy spy or something.

In fact if you ask a lot of these national chauvanists, they will say other countries are incapable of producing journalism. That they are all part of a big foreign military network set on making Americans look evil. Iran, Russia, China, DPRK, and so on have very few things in common, or shared convictions, but because they refuse to listen to America, they are all part of some “Axis of Evil”. Just supposedly uncivilised peoples who need a ruler.

But if this was true, then why does America exist in the first place? This is after all what the British Empire said about their former subjects. Russia broke free from Yeltsin, China broke free from the British Empire, Iran broke free from the US-puppet dictatorship, DPRK broke free from the NATO invasion. Only thing these diverse places have in common is a refusal to obey the demands of empires. It is hypocrisy to not recognise their right to independence.

And as irony would have it, a lot of the people who accuse me of this have at some point worked for the US or NATO military. They will frequently disclose it upon accusing me. But that’s understandable, since obviously people who disagree with or dissent against NATO or US Government positions are people they naturally identify as enemies. That is the point of Voice of America, and Radio Free Europe, and Congress for Cultural Freedom and all these other US military propaganda outlets.

And I think they have to believe in this, because of moral ontology. If I sincerely hold my views, if I am in fact saying exactly what I believe without some ulterior motive, then I’m just exercising my freedoms.

But if I am an enemy spy, if I am some kind of foreign asset, then I’m playing the same game they do. So it’s morally comforting for them to think that the people they targeted were all working for the enemy, and lacked sincere convictions. That only their side gets to be honest and that all their enemies are sneaky opportunists.

So they have successfully told themselves that they’re the good guys in a decades long campaign to censor, sabotage and even assassinate dissenting opinions to the US, and now the cold war is over.

They figure their job is done, America rules the airwaves, and then suddenly all these new voices appear. New generations of people who still do not want to be ruled by the US. Who still do not want a central bank managed by the IMF, who does not want US economists to write policy in Washington which is then delivered by the IMF at the point of a bayonet.

And yet even in the English speaking world this is common knowledge.

But when you hear it from some US-sympathising tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch or some other news mogul whose premise is always “Global hegemony is fine, but…” they can accept it.

When someone actually demands independence, when someone demands their own leaders and their own government is controlled by the people as opposed to bureaucrats in Brussels and Washington, suddenly you must be some paid enemy spy. It’s bizarre.

Majority of people in the world hold these convictions, we are tired of austerity, debt, military bases and plundering of natural resources just to make rich people in America even richer. Our stolen wealth doesn’t even help the poor people in the US, who have to go to food banks and sleep in doorways.

So it is evident to me that the US people are not exactly enjoying democracy either, since nobody would choose to sleep in a doorway or have to collect food stamps. The wealth they steal from us, is robbing US workers of employment, since they could produce the economy through labour, rather than having US bankers and military produce it through plundering.




Scholar, minister, musician, engineer, technician, reformed criminal

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Scholar, minister, musician, engineer, technician, reformed criminal

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