Pictured: CNT-FAI Flag

So here’s the thing: Catalonia was really cool. What ruined it was British idiots who tainted their efforts with petty sectarianism and terrorism. And to this day, the tradition carries on. So let’s talk about how US hegemony has chewed up libertarianism and spat out its half digested remains all over the carpet.

And for the record, I will speak very candidly about anarchism in ways which some overly sensitive people might interpret as insulting. But I then move on to do the same with Marxists so no need to have a hissy fit about it.

One thing I wish I could’ve seen in America was the changing of the guard. When the KKK was decommissioned to a large extent, as they stopped burning down black neighborhoods and destroying their communities, and was then replaced by rioting anarchists in order to make the Kristallnacht reenactments feel more palatable to political correctness.

In fact there are a lot of funny things about libertarianism. Another one I enjoy is when they build up some miserable and derelict hippie shanty town, and then put “Refugees welcome” on it. As if they’re mocking them. It’s extraordinary. I find it so funny because they don’t realise what they’re doing.

Imagine being a refugee from some horrible camp in Jordan. You bribe guards, you escape gunfire, your whole family doesn’t even make it, and then you arrive in Europe, and you see one of these hippie communes. Imagine how you must feel. As if you just stepped into the pages of Kafka. I feel bad for them, they should have Marxist homes where they can live like a real person.

Because libertarians are so terrified of authority that the very notion of say, real buildings, electricity, industry and so on becomes impossible for them to achieve, all they can do is to come up with some stupid rationale as to why virtuous poverty will defeat conventional poverty.

Even their most admirable achievement, namely Catalonia, is constantly admonished. They love the photographs, they love the war, they love the martyrdom and the misery, but they hate every method used for success.

They hate how the Catalonians were part of a popular front, they hate how the Catalonians were aided by Stalin and the Soviets, they hate how the Catalonians had a sense of patriotism and belonging, they hate how the Catalonians had religion and tradition.

What they want is some culturally neutered postmodern politically correct void, where nobody is anything and everyone is everything.

The Generalitariat had thousands upon thousands of delegates, they had a stronger government than even the Soviets did. The Generalitariat controlled absolutely everything, it was a beautiful worker’s state.

In fact just about the only thing modern libertarians have in common with the Catalonians is the constant weed smoking and guitar playing, that’s it, nothing else.

And even then, the Catalonians smoke shitty weed and play great guitar. Modern anarchists do the opposite. So they can’t even figure out how to be a deadbeat correctly, it’s ridiculous.

Because keep in mind that the Catalonians would gun down Franco’s columns and build hospitals in the daytime, they worked hard and had a lot of discipline, they didn’t just spend all day arguing about whether or not necrophilia is a victimless crime.

In fact that’s why I get slightly concerned when modern anarchists spend so much time romanticising the various civil wars they’ve lost.

And the problem is of course anticommunist propaganda. It has poisoned the perception of Catalonia and Syndicalism. They think that a bunch of radical Catholics from the 1940s were basically no different from John Lennon. It’s stupid and bizarre and they should get their act together and actually study the cultures they hegemonise with their stupidity.

Libertarianism demands more discipline, not less. If you want to relax a little and delegate responsibility to someone else, then be a Marxist.

Moreover they’re far too conservative, they still think you can rob banks in 2021. And when you point out how they fucking can’t, then they say “Uuuuh look at this newspaper headline actually.” And it’s some modern day bank robbery where organised criminals invested hundreds of thousands of Euros into equipment and planning, and they all had some variety of military or technical training.

Do you really think the hippies who lynched people at CHAZ would be able to do that? Do you think those idiots can tell the muzzle of a rifle apart from their own assholes? I don’t, that’s why CHAZ happened. A low budget shitty music festival except without the music. That was their attempt to overthrow a literal government.

Hate to say it, but in 2021 you don’t rob banks, you become the banks. The Soviets knew this, and the criminals knew this. Most organised crime of yore have gone white collar. When an anarchist reads the Panama papers, they want to rob banks. When a Marxist reads the panama papers, they want to invest in a hedge fund in the Cayman islands.

It’s a paper that explains how you can get lots and lots of free money with zero strings attached and no interference from the law, and it only costs one tenth as must as it would to arrange a successful bank robbery in 2021.


Like they genuinely seem to think that the point of a bank robbery is the robbery, like the money is just a chore you have to do afterwards. I don’t even know what to say, and worse yet is that this mental poison is started to affect Marxists in the west too, who spend decades learning about the market, and yet have zero interest in finances.

Get it? Zero interest? Forget it.

Meanwhile in Russia, where the communist party might actually win the coming election, they get funded by oligarchs. Do they care? No. It’s money. Either they get funded, or something else will, the money won’t vanish out of existence just because they decided to be sanctimonious pricks about it.

Instead we got a lot of Marxists who amaze me, because they come from higher education, they’re middle class, they’re not exactly rich but they got a bit of money to throw around at the end of the month.

And what do they do? Fuck all. Not one penny is put into some way to accumulate interest and actually fund communist projects, instead they just read more and more obscure book titles, and try to impress people by quoting them.

Fuck that, pony up, global warming is happening.

The Bolsheviks were swimming in money, they had all manner of revenue, both legal and illegal, and we think we can crowdfund or sell newspapers to do it. The Soviets set up central banks, and foreign exchanges, they didn’t wait for the money to come crawling out of their asses.

They weren’t morons. Unlike modern people.

My point is: Anarchists need to quit being hippies, and Marxists need to quit being broke. You can’t boycott away the market, and if you believe that then you’re a stupid idiot. Get involved, get resourceful, start being useful. No more bullshitting, no more moral cowardice, no more idiot ideology.



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