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Pictured: The European-African border wall, the most shameful structure in Europe aside from Auschwitz and what have you.

Might surprise you to know, but I am an immigrant, and as such: I have many opinions. That’s my god given right as a foreigner, so now I will explain immigration to you.

Now first off, a lot of people frame the immigration debate purely as a racial issue, or xenophobic issue, or some kind of cultural issue, but this is oversimplifying it. For instance, believe it or not but whenever I got government dealings with the immigration bureau, last thing I want to do is to have a case worker who’s an immigrant.

Why? Because they’re always overcompensating to prove their loyalty. 9/10 times they are going to cause you problems and make every effort to deny your case. Nothing worse than an immigrant-immigrant case worker, especially since, and this is kind of an unspoken rule but it’s 100% true: If you work for that sector of government then you’re kind of considered a traitor, nobody likes an immigrant who works for the enemy.

And why? Because it’s hypocrisy. YOU want to be in the country, but you will turn others down? Ridiculous. And sure, they give you excuses like how they’re just making sure everyone is following the rules, but truth is none of us do. Literally every immigrant besides rich people have violated some bylaw or requirement, or embellished their application. It’s kind of necessary if you want to make it in.

Every single immigrant case worker have either lied or martially mislead their own case worker, I guarantee it, we all do.

We don’t admit it, but it’s true. There will be that one question in the interview process where we realise an honest answer will get us kicked out, and so we lie. Why owe racists an honest answer?

Because modern border systems are absolutely racist, especially within the EU. People say the EU helps immigrants but that’s a total lie, it only helps immigrants within the Schengen agreement, so majority of people are rejected. The EU is very racist, they want white expats, as opposed to real immigrants.

Because there’s a difference. An expat moves capital, an immigrant moves labour. Expats are also notoriously racist, and hate being associated with immigrants, all their websites and services make every effort to avoid the word “immigrant”, and “migration.” Instead they say stuff like “live abroad.”

Expats are mostly British in my experience, and often consider themselves to be a bit like colonials, distancing themselves from the local populace by only speaking their own language, and hanging out in special expat bars and restaurants that try to keep away the locals.

I once had an expat landlord, who had zero regard for the laws of the nation, and would resort to illegal means to deal with tenants such as shutting off their power and water, and sometimes even illegally breaking into their homes.

Expats are usually the ones who adhere the most to the negative stereotypes about immigrants, because they see themselves as better than the local populace, as such they often become criminals and antisocial individuals who refuse to assimilate. Granted, a lot of the crime they commit is white collar crime, so nobody seems to care. Especially tax avoidance, expats think it’s their god given right to mooch off the system.

Since us immigrants have to speak the language in order to say, work and participate in society, we’re more happy to at least partially assimilate. Obviously you still want to keep your own culture, but you don’t mind learning the language. Some old people don’t learn the language though, but that’s mostly because it’s difficult for them and because they don’t go outside very often.

So keep this in mind when you discuss immigration, it’s perfectly fine to kick out the expats, they are sponges, criminals and layabouts, and they make life harder for immigrants and locals alike. They buy up land and properties and send the money back to their own country whilst never paying any taxes, these are the people who never contribute.

And the funniest thing of all to me is how a lot of the time, these expats will actually contribute to anti-immigrant media and politics, because they want to scapegoat immigrants for the damage they cause.

Rupert Murdoch for instance makes millions every year doing this, and he’s an expat, both in the US and the UK, and he mooches off those countries constantly, contributing nothing and taking everything.

So you got all these confused locals hassling immigrants, not realising they’re dancing to the tune of the exact people they think they’re stopping. It’s kind of bizarre.

Because I don’t agree with this political correctness nonsense that we’re all saints and warrant no scrutiny. I think it’s absolutely fine for people to ask questions about immigration, and make sure their countries are not dysfunctional. It just saddens me when they are actually helping to cause the damage they want to prevent.

And yes, it is true that sometimes immigrants become petty criminals. However we’re still seeing hysteria about when someone steals, say, $10 through pickpocketing or shoplifting, but nobody cares when an expat steals $100.000 in tax avoidance.

This to me seems bizarre, obviously the latter is a much bigger problem. But since expats run the media, and get to say whatever they want to, people have no idea they’re being fooled. Most people don’t even know there is a difference between immigrants and expats, they think we’re all the same.

I’ve heard for instance Elon Musk being referred to as an immigrant, he’s not an immigrant, he’s an expat. Immigrants work for a living, we don’t go into people’s countries and buy up their land and property and use it to siphon the GDP, instead we work and contribute and participate fairly.

So don’t get fooled by expat media, learn how to spot the real troublemakers.




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