How neoliberalism taught us all to be insane people

Pictured: The CNN logo.

So I have noticed something with a lot of the responses I get from, well, saying things. People appear to mistake me for a president or a prime minister. When I write things here, it’s my view on matters. It’s pretty value neutral. If it informs you, or you find it interesting or entertaining, then that’s great. But all in all, it has no real purpose besides communicating my own thoughts on things.

So why is it then, that in so many dialogues, there is a kind of a priori notion that ideas, opinions, views and so on, are always interpreted in the absolute? As a kind of imperative that you must either combat, or somehow accept as an enactment of authority?

A lot of the time, the way people discuss my thoughts with me it’s as if they just scrambled out of a taxi, and interceded me on my way to sign a stack of legislature. As if I expect them to follow me, or adopt my ideas, nothing is ever just its own thing. Everyone has become both a subject and a ruler in the neoliberal consciousness. We behave as if we’re all rulers of a state, and that our thoughts have some kind of emergency. Like if someone thinks it, then it will come true. It’s bizarre.

Hate to say it, but they don’t. And thinking that’s the case makes people very prejudiced and intolerant, because it means that every dialogue, every distinction, every contrast is treated like a mortal conflict. As if you are pleading your way out of a firing squad’s crosshairs.

That’s not what reality is, and most people will disagree on things. It doesn’t actually matter. The powerful opinions we have are not those that divide us, but rather the ones that we have in common. Those are the only ones that can actually affect change.

And until we realise this, until we stop treating every streetcorner as if it was the house of commons, we will always be trapped in bickering, petty sectarianism and wedge issues that are manufactured by scheming politicians and their feckless media men.


I was asked to define exactly what neoliberalism is, that takes a somewhat longer answer, so if you’re interested, here’s my response.


This article has gotten a lot of attention and curious responses. I realised I have written another relevant article regarding some of my own personal thoughts and conclusions about this situation. If you are interested in going more in depth, then feel free to take a look here.



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