Combat Breadtube (Part II)

5 min readJul 10, 2021

As I thought about my previous article, I realised I had enough ideas to make a follow-up. Especially pertaining to the events during the Trump administration. IE: The fighting against the alt-right as well as the Minneapolis rebellion.

I was actually involved in both of these, obviously since I do not live in the US I was not exactly directly present, but I provided logistical support to some of the more radical segments, and got to know some people who participated in the protests.

And seeing it from this bigger picture perspective a few things left me somewhat irked.

First off: The synthetic left has an interesting idea of what qualifies as fascism.

What Obama did in Ferguson was not fascism.

What Clinton did in Sarajevo was not fascism.

What Bush did in Philly was not fascism.

What Trump did in Standing Rock was not fascism.

No, fascism apparently is when these forces and this violence arrives at the doorstep of higher income and predominately white communities. If you do it to an Indian reservation, if you do it to a black community, if you do it to the homeless, etc, this is just police brutality, or some other transgression. It only becomes fascism when it begins to affect the upper crust of society.

And at first, one might be amused. Liberals and fascists fighting eachother is, frankly, entertaining. Let these animals kill eachother, let them tear one another apart, good riddance.

The Germans have a saying “There’s trouble in the gypsy village.”

And it means “Everything is fine.”

Now obviously, especially given my heritage, I am not entirely amused by this saying, but a perfectly sound way of applying this saying would be to say “There’s trouble at the Berkley campus.”

Who gives a fuck? Liberals being attacked by fascists? Oh no, the police dog bit its owner, big deal, right?

But then of course you realise the truth is not that simple. You realise how Breadtube and the synthetic left has an extremely cynical way of using poor people as human shields.

When they talk about “harm reduction” they mean harm displacement. They mean four more years of death, suffering, deprivation and misery for the poor. They mean four more winters for the homeless, they mean four more years of low wages, high rent, and job shortages, they mean four more years of tallying the body count that keeps Wall Street open for business.

Their version of antifascism is poorly organised street fights in poor communities divided by racial lines. Where the downtrodden are caught in the crossfire, losing jobs, safety and livelihoods.

While they count their patreon money and talk to reporters on the news, taking credit for the great struggle, their pawns, most of whom are desperately poor and fighting for false hope, get to see the inside of holding cells and emergency rooms, driven further into poverty by bail money, legal funds, and medical debt.

In short: It was a total fiasco.

It’s not just a question of optics, or the use of violence (even if it is mild violence), it’s a question of what this is used for. So a handful of e-celebrities and democrat candidates could make a career for themselves?

Where is the benefit for the people? Where are the higher wages, the lower rent, the end to wars, the land redistribution and the civil infrastructure? Where is the employment and worker’s rights? Where’s the increase in living standard? Where is the decolonisation?

Simply put: It is expressed in the sigh of the forlorn faces that are lit up by the television, seeing another late night news bulletin. It is expressed in the graffiti of underpasses, in the worried expression of parents watching their children play outside, asking themselves about just what kind of world they’re going to grow up in. It fades into the ether of broken ideals, like the exhale of a midnight cigarette. It was never there to begin with.

Dead bodies, broken bones, lost businesses and burning ghettos, and for what? Likes and subscribes?

This is why the synthetic left is so dangerous. If the Minneapolis rebellion was an organised effort done by workers, rather than a spontaneous effort shilled for by rich media personalities, then perhaps a lot of these things would be in some way realised. Perhaps it would have been a step towards something meaningful.

So what happened to all the black radicals? To all the indigenous radicals? To all the homeless and impoverished people who organised?

They were hung out to dry. They were denounced as tankies, as red fascists, as “authoritarians” as China apologists, as all manner of things. They were slandered, lied about, and brutally repressed.

Breadtube and the synthetic left will gladly share a GoFundMe for your broken bones and your covid eviction, but if you ever dare to discuss the underlying causes of these things, if you want something beyond your own individual survival, if you want to unite with your fellow workers, then they call you a red fascist.

While they are instigating lynchings at CHAZ, they have the audacity to judge you.

While they are instigating pogroms against Asians, they have the audacity to judge you.

While they are preying upon the young in the same way that televangelists prey upon the old, they have the audacity to judge you.

Imagine the irony of these people pretending to represent minorities. Even “their own” minorities are ruthlessly exploited. How many trans people had to forego their savings just so that Contrapoints or Philosophy Tube could buy their costumes and stage lighting?

What an extraordinarily cruel thing to do, to grift your way through impoverished people who are emotionally dependent on these media personalities. Who are manipulated into thinking that it is more validating to see these con artists dressed up in extravagant tailor-made finery, than it for them to save up for their own transitions.

Breadtube is an extremely transphobic institution in this regard, in how they rob insecure people of their own identities and trap them in these horrible personality cults.

And not to mention how their white supremacist ways become very evident in how they act. The US has concentration camps, if you want to end concentration camps then all you need is to head south. It might be a bit costly but if you organise it’s far from impossible, it is a very realistic goal.

However that would require effort, and sacrifice, and it might mean they lose their careers and their funding from political lobbyists and campaigners, so instead they ask themselves how to make a profit.

And turns out the trick is to claim, without any meaningful evidence, that the real concentration camps are located in a country that, conveniently enough, the democrats want to colonise.

As Hillary’s cronies over at the state department begin to ladle out defense contracts to the same people who fund and sponsor the Breadtube benefactors.

It’s not just opinions on the internet, it is an outlet for propaganda. Deadly propaganda that perpetuates the slaughter of working and poor people all over the world.

This band of thieves, this band of brigands, this band of rogues must be exposed and discredited. The first step to creating an opposition is to eliminate the controlled opposition. It is time to put a lighter to the leech, and throw it back into the scum-laden cesspool that it came from.