Bullet Cluster: Why it‘s annoying

So as some of you may know, I suffer from insomnia. So like any milennial living under the crushing weight of ruined ambitions, obviously I study physics when I can’t sleep. So I got into gravitational lensing and study of dark matter, and that was pretty funny.

Because scientists are so high and mighty about ghost-based religions, and I’m Romani so obviously we got a bit of a rivalry going there, I have lived with, and was raised by ghost people and mystics. So it’s gonna be funny when they do more groundbreaking research and figure out exactly what they’ve found, like I’m just saying, the look on their faces let me tell you.

But that’s for another day, today I want to talk about the Bullet Cluster. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like the Pillars of Creation, which are the smug cosmological objects, this one annoys me for different reasons.

What gets me about the Bullet Cluster is the Drake Equation. Some of you will see where I’m going with this, others need a quick reminder that the Drake Equation was that thing Carl Sagan did where he jotted down how many aliens that probably lived in space.

So the Bullet Cluster might be brutally Darwinian, and on some level, okay, that’s how the universe works. But what gets me is that I’m not sure we even consider that. How all those pretty lights in the sky might represent like, a thousand holocausts happening all at once in a split second.

That’s kind of dark in a way, and it just happens, and poof, all life is extinguished. On top of that we got migratory black holes, and unlike normal migrants: It’s okay to be a bit worried about them.

I know there is a joke about The Sun in there somewhere but I can’t quite think of it.

And then on top of that, it turns out that we live in the galactical equivalent of the boondocks? We’re an outskirt planet of the milky way. Like the rednecks of sapience. Which explains about us to be honest.

Not that I’m ashamed, that makes me pleased rather. I’ve lived in the country for most of my life and we are in fact higher beings I’m sorry to say. We’re just better than city people, we have more morality, we don’t complain as much, we don’t talk loud on telephones and buy scones all day, we’re civilised and we do civilised things.

Frankly, if it was up to me, there would be no such thing as coffee shops. It’s stupid, you want coffee? Go to church, and put some money in the till for the poor, don’t be an asshole about it.

Also if your coffee consists of more than 2 ingredients then frankly you should be rounded up by the government. Servers have better things to do than to deal with your demanding personality.

You may have 3 provided one of them is liquor, and then you better be retired or working in the snow.

What I’m getting at is that we’re dealing with a bit of a problem here, because how do you deal with this Darwinian brutality? Smart people would obviously just not think about it, that’s the senseworthy move. But like I said: Insomnia.

It’s like a big riddle that I struggle to find an answer to, because you can always accept it, and understand how this is the way life works… provided you’re a sociopath anyhow.

Instead I propose we don’t accept it: It’s horrible, and we’re supposed to think it’s horrible. It’s supposed to bother us and make us feel uncomfortable, it’s supposed to flaunt itself in our faces, how twisted and cruel and unforgiving the forces of nature is.

How we were given a gift in how we’re able to look out for eachother, how we are able to make the world more forgiving, and decent and compassionate, how Darwinism is fundamentally a scientific record of a kind of existential tyranny, and how we are extremely lucky in how we have the ability

How when someone gets sick, we don’t have to watch them die. How when someone is hungry, we don’t have to watch them starve. How when people are disabled, or dispossessed, or destitute, or injured, we don’t have to agree with nature. We can actually refuse, and do something. We can make people whole again, and we can prosper in togetherness.

Anyone who takes the Lion King approach is just lazy, there is no circle of life. There’s just death. You’re not coming back, no one is, people don’t become grass to feed the cows, and even if they did, then who the hell wants to get eaten by a cow? What kind of a lesson is that to teach children?

No, quit thinking you’re just compost in progress, that’s what serial killers believe. You’re a person, and I’m a person, and together we can be people instead of lion kings.

Which doesn’t even make sense, I’m pretty sure lions have a republic of some sort. They’re not ants.



International man of mystery.

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